wedi Vapor 85 2500x600x12,5 mm

£81.76 £68.13

The perfect combination of vapour barrier and sealing

wedi Vapor 85 is a special building board with a pre-integrated vapour membrane barrier applied in the factory and is perfect for challenging applications in areas with high levels of humidity. For reliable sealing of connections, butt joints and intersections the high-quality single-component wedi 620 sealant is recommended alongside wedi Tools, sealing tapes, sealing corners and sealing gaiters

Vapour barrier and moisture guard wedi Vapor 85 building board with pre-installed vapour barrier

wedi Vapor 85 is direct bonded onto metal stud frames with the use of wedi 610 adhesive sealant seal all joints with the combination of wedi Tools sealing tape and wedi 620 sealant and finally tile, or optionally apply plaster.


wedi 620 310ml sealant to be used with waterproof sealing tape- rec 2 tubes per board

wedi waterproof sealing tape 50m x 120mm

wedi waterproof sealing tape 10m x 120mm

wedi 610 adhesive sealant 310ml to bond boards to studs - rec 1 tube per board

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