Endless possibilities in transforming a bathroom into the ultimate boutique hotel experience

In recent years, bathrooms have become more of a wellness area rather than just a place to shower. As people spend more times in their bathrooms, space, accessibility and tranquillity have become top requirements for UK clients.

There is nothing more luxurious and extravagant than a hotel-style bathroom. Sleek, chic and opulent are the ultimate design choices for adding a touch of modern glamour to a bathroom.

Combination of high-end design and practicality doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style.

Create a luxurious wet room to make the most of a small area and eliminate the trip hazard of a shower frame. The extensive wedi product range does not only include level-access shower elements in 10 designs, from point and linear drainage to the Discreto optical wall drain, but also numerous modular system solutions such as benches for relaxation, practical shelving solutions, partition walls with/without integrated niches in straight or sinuous lines – it has never been easier to stamp one’s own personality on the bathroom area without compromising the overall aesthetics.

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Uncover the unique versatility of wedi’s products and systems

Book a RIBA approved CPD today to learn about the 30+ years proven, 100% waterproof German engineered CE marked shower system that is mould resistant, low emission, eco-friendly, ISO9001 certified and BBA approved.

Learn the full scope of applications wedi is suitable for such as flooring, cladding, shower enclosures, partitioning, sealing and decoupling, construction of unique washstands, shelving and other clever storage solutions.

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Architect Projects - September Edition 2018

Published on Sep 7, 2018

Architect Projects is a leading trade publication within the architectural and construction industry.

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wedi – the constant solution in the ever changing showering market

wedi specialises in construction elements for the bathroom, wetroom and wellness sectors and has been a ‘go-to’ brand amongst specifiers for the last two decades in the United Kingdom.

Wet rooms used to be reserved for trendy boutique hotels and luxury developments, but over the last couple of years they are becoming the a-la-mode bathroom choice for homes in the UK. With a general demand for showering, an aging population and people’s aspirations growing, wedi has seen trends towards wet rooms, walk-in and step-up showers grow. To mirror this demand many competitors have appeared on the UK market supplying similar products – prompting customers to rightfully ask the question:

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wedi outperform and outlast.

For the last couple of years, there is a clearly noticeable trend of the bathroom becoming more of a wellness zone in UK homes.

As people spend more time in their bathrooms, space, accessibility and integrated storage have become top requirements for clients.

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From Installer to designer 

With over 30 years’ experience, wedi provides precision engineered complete system solutions for wet environments.

Thanks to its modular design, the co-ordinated wedi components allow for a straightforward, safe and time saving installation.

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