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wedi - the constant solution in the ever changing showering market

Just wedi specialises in construction elements for the bathroom, wetroom and wellness sectors and has been a ‘go-to’ brand amongst specifiers for the last two decades in the United Kingdom.
Wet rooms used to be reserved for trendy boutique hotels and luxury developments, but over the last couple of years they are becoming the a-la-mode bathroom choice for homes in the UK. With a general demand for showering, an aging population and people’s aspirations growing, wedi has seen trends towards wet rooms, walk-in and step-up showers grow. To mirror this demand many competitors have appeared on the UK market supplying similar products – prompting customers to rightfully ask the question:

Why wedi?

Why choose wedi when there are numerous other waterproof and tileable solutions to choose from?
First and foremost, unlike other brands, wedi has been tried-and-tested for decades, more precisely since 1983. Helmut Wedi, a German master tiler was determined to develop high-quality but above all else, practical solutions for his fellow tradesmen which provide real added value in their day-to-day work. His goal became the philosophy of his company and made his family name into a brand well-known and trusted by industry experts worldwide.
The system safety that wedi guarantees as well as the straightforward and time-saving installation takes centre stage, while the feedback received from their clients provide the basis for further developments of wedi’s products, systems and services. wedi is a brand truly created by listening and tending to the needs of the construction industry – just as their motto says: made by professionals for professionals.

wedi Core

wedi core

The basis of all their tileable elements is a HCFC-free extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam which is 100% waterproof right down to the core. Its cement based coating forms an incredibly strong and stable adhesive base thanks to the integrated fibre mesh fabric, making it a perfect base for any type of tile or plaster. Furthermore, these products also provide fantastic insulation, therefore save on energy costs and provide long-term protection against mould and fungus. What’s more, due to their A+ labelling – according to German and European regulations and laws – they are also non-hazardous and low-emission products. wedi’s premium quality product range is characterised by its diversity, simplicity and reliability.

At the core of the wedi system is the wedi building board which is wedi’s version of a tile backer and much more! The German manufacturer offers the most extensive board formats - standard 600mm wide panels, XL 900mm wide panels or XXL 1200mm wide panels - and the widest range of board thicknesses (4mm to 100mm) available on the market. These boards can not only be applied to practically any substrate and offer the strongest weight loading capacity of 120kgs/m2 on vertical surfaces, but are also much sought-after as added insulation underneath underfloor heating systems of all kinds.
wedi offers 2 additional types of building board in their standard product range: a flexible Construct board for the creation of curvature forms and a vapour-proof a.k.a Vapor board for constantly humid areas such as steam rooms. wedi tile backer boards are named ‘building boards’ for their versatility in being commonly used for the construction of washstands, partition or separation walls, tileable shelving and other tailor-made storage solutions.
Furthermore there are several pre-fabricated cladding elements available such as panels with adjustable feet for baths, L or U angled units for pipes and the customisable I-board for wall-hung toilets.

Suitable  in all applications

Level-access showers and wet room style bathrooms are on trend, but industry experts warn that creating such showers and bathrooms can be quite costly. Due to the shower floor being continued across the floors and walls of the entire bathroom – sub-construction elements need to be selected with great care, as the simultaneous use of different brands/makes could jeopardize the watertightness of the finish, which would result in extra labour, time, stress and extra costs!
Whatever the project is - renovation or new build, wooden or concrete substrate, wetroom, bathroom or wellness – multitude of suitable wedi products and elements offer full system solutions that provide the same assurances for the whole floor to wall system.

Fundo shower elements

wedi’s shower trays (Fundo range) are not only tileable and 100% waterproof, but also unique in their thermal properties which provide added insulation, hence resulting in warmer tiles under foot.
The main characteristics of the wedi Fundo series are quality, reliability and functionality with straightforward, safe and quick installation - 3 different drain locations (corner, end or central) in point (Ligno, Primo, Borgo, Trollo, Nautilo) or linear design (Riofino, Riolito, Riolito Neo) and also with integrated drainage (Integro, Plano, Plano Linea) offering installation heights between 0mm and 130mm including the drainage - to meet the demand of planners, contractors and installers.
More than just a level-access shower - whether it’s a comfortable bench for relaxation in the shower, a practical niche as a hygienic storage space, a stable partition wall with cleverly integrated shelving or a tailor-made wash stand - the modular wedi system opens up endless possibilities in expanding the shower area.

wedi is always at the cutting edge of innovation and constantly looking at new ways to further perfect its product portfolio. wedi’s recent new innovation is the new Fundo Top, which literally tops the wedi Fundo Primo, Plano and Riolito Neo walk-in shower elements. Made of a 6mm thick mineral material, with non-slip (R11 equivalent) and antibacterial surface it is a truly perfect alternative to traditional tiling without compromising the quality or the watertightness of the finish. Sleek elegance, seamless design, pre-integrated slope and practical full body colour - it is also perfect to use for shower enclosures with adjoining PVC flooring.

The building board system 

system explained

wedi products are designed to interlock with one another and work with wedi accessories in order to truly complete the waterproofing of a shower installation, forming the well-known wedi system.
In order to provide a full system solution for any requirement, there are several impact sound deadening boards to choose from (Nonstep range) the wedi product portfolio - the newest generation of sound insulation the Nonstep Pro is designed especially for reduction of water impact noise in showers. To ensure safety in the system, for those areas where decoupling and sealing is required simultaneously, the wedi Subliner range offers an all-round solution.

In the wedi system, there is plenty of room for ideas, space for creativity and unlimited design variety.

• Expand with practical system components such as niches or shower benches adding hygienic, easy-to-maintain storage and relaxation areas without compromising the floor space
• Add elegance to any shower, with a simple feature - the wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto optical wall drain can be incorporated into the room design as a seat, shelf or a complete false wall
• Be innovative in design by creating unique features, such as curved bath cladding or a tailor made separation wall

With the use and/or the combination of wedi’s modular wellness elements all kinds of grandiose room concept can be brought to life effortlessly.

• Create unique, curvature wall shapes with the Moltoromo wall systems or any seating combinations with the Sanoasa Bellina or Comoda modular benches
• Add extravagance by incorporating elegant, tileable bathroom/wellness furniture from the wedi Sanbath range or versatile loungers with or without integrated heating.

Require something out of the ordinary?

Products or elements based on individual specifications can be tailor made to fit specific requirements through wedi’s bespoke service - such as special shower elements, footbaths, fountains, whirlpools etc.
The company’s technical support service is outstanding, on-site support and training for qualifying projects is also available.
wedi also offer customised building solutions for wellness/leisure projects such as steam baths or pools for example. Any technical requirements can be taken into account from early design stage and integrated into the structure, of course, the degree of prefabrication can be freely chosen in the process. These solutions are trial-built and the individual elements are clearly marked in the wedi factory before dispatch, making assembly on site significantly easier.

wedi takes pride in their education programme allowing industry professionals to improve their knowledge of innovative solutions within the construction industry. Due to recent innovations, wedi is currently refreshing their RIBA approved CPD seminars and their installer training is currently under re-modelling into a new 3-tier training program with nationwide locations.
The wedi product systems, of course, have their own BBA certification showing that they satisfy the construction guidelines and regulations that are valid in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

wedi operates in 36 countries worldwide and still is a family owned company today, managed by the 2nd generation; Stephan Wedi ensures that the brand’s integrity, a motto set by his father is true to this day: made by professionals for professionals.

Just Wedi have the privilege of supplying and distributing wedi stock. We have a wide range of wedi stock so you should be able to find what you need, take a look at our product range. With our extensive knowledge of using the materials, we can help teach you how to use and install wedi products. Our Knowledge Centre has all the guides you will need to help install various wedi products.

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