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When designing their own bathroom, people often get overwhelmed with choices they need to make. How should the shower look? What bathroom furniture do I need? How do I create storage without compromising the floor space? Above all: how can I bring my new bathroom to life as safely and quickly as possible?

This brochure is made to help you make such decisions. You will find a selection of bathroom ideas through the following pages, all with the use of wedi’s modular systems for a simple and quick installation with durability that offers peace of mind.

The secret under the tiles is the wedi building board which forms the basis of numerous wedi system solutions. It is waterproof, extremely robust, protects against mould and fungus and suitable for individual tiling or plastering; certified by numerous institutes and guarantees system safety for the whole floor to wall system: signed and sealed by wedi.

Which bathroom
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Inspirations for your personal dream bathroom

A family with children naturally have different requirements than a single person does. What requirements do you have? With wedi, there are endless design possibilities, thus no limits to creative bathroom planning. Let your living environments reflect your individuality.

The following bathroom design examples may serve as an inspiration for your dream bathroom. Whatever your individual preference and your living situation are – depending on the available space – in this brochure, you will find appropriate ideas with system highlights and discover what is possible with wedi. Regardless which bathroom you decide on, every bathroom is 100 % watertight.


Inspiration: Wellness bathroom

Enjoy the peace and harmony of your personal wellness oasis. A large shower cubicle, optionally equipped with massage jets, spacious benches, niches, shelves or even a foot basin can easily be realised with wedi. Indulge yourself in your private spa.

wedi system highlights


[1] Shower solution, e.g. with Fundo Plano

With integrated central drainage, not just a visual eye-catcher but quick to install as well.

[2] Shelves and niches, e.g. with wedi Mensolo

A perfect, useful space for body care products, hand towels or decoration.

[3] Individual structures with wedi building boards

For seating options, wash basin structures or made to measure shelving.

Other bathroom furnishings

Inspiration: Family bathroom

Functional, spacious and child-proof: this bathroom offers comfort, plenty of space for storage and relaxation, but first and foremost a space ensuring the safety of the whole family in this high-traffic family bathroom. It’s perfect for getting the whole family ready on a busy morning.

wedi system highlights


[1] Flush-to-floor shower, e.g. with Fundo Riolito

Shower element as the substructure for the optical wall drain.

[2] Optical wall drain with Fundo Discreto

The attachment element for linear drainage allows the water to optically disappear into the wall.

[3] Seating options, e.g. with wedi Sanoasa bench 1

Offers plenty of space for comfortable body care for the whole family.

Other bathroom furnishings

Inspiration: Luxury bathroom for 2

What would it be like to have a free-standing shower in the middle of the room? The unlimited design variety from wedi allows for grandiose room concepts which leave an impression every time! Stylish washbasins, elegant wall drains, spot lighting and other extravagant details make this luxury bathroom for two.

wedi system highlights


[1] Designer washbasins, e.g. wedi Sanbath Cube

Pre-fabricated washbasin elements, here in a cube shape, for optical accents in the bathroom.

[2] Shelf space, e.g. with wedi Sanwell niches

So that body lotion, shampoo, etc. are always within reach under the shower.

[3] Supporting structures with wedi building boards

Thanks to the versatility of the wedi building boards, showers in XXL format can easily be realised.

Other bathroom furnishings


Inspiration: Single bathroom

Living alone gives the freedom of deciding your bathroom’s character on your own. The combination of a walk-in shower with practical corner seat and tailor-made clever storage solutions make this compact bathroom shine with personality.

wedi system highlights


[1] Toilet wall installation with wedi I-Board

The pre-fabricated cladding for WC front walls, can be easily adjusted to any requirements, saving a lot of time during installation.

[2] Seating, e.g. with wedi corner seat

A comfortable seating is possible even in more compact showers.

[3] Shower solution with corner drain, e.g. with Fundo Primo

The flush-to-floor shower element makes the single bathroom a one-of-a-kind thanks to the corner drain.

Other bathroom furnishings

Inspiration: Guest bathroom

A small but beautiful space etched in your visitors' mind. Even a small bathroom or washroom can take centre stage: the individual washbasin and generous shelf space with the indirect lighting concept and small-scale geometry creates an impressive scene in this guest bathroom.

wedi system highlights


[1] Washbasin structure with wedi building boards

Despite limited room dimensions, this washbasin structure creates sufficient shelf space.

[2] Toilet wall installation with wedi I-Board

The ready-to-install cladding for a toilet front wall saves a lot of time on installation.


Other bathroom furnishings

Inspiration: Accessible bathroom

Enjoy an atmosphere of well-being and comfort without limitations in the accessible bathroom; here with a spacious wedi walk-in-shower equipped with a comfortable bench. Shelf space for your essentials is created by practical storage solutions such as integrated niches and shelves without compromising floor space.

wedi system highlights


[1] Flush-to-floor shower element, e.g. Fundo Primo

Thanks to the flush-to-floor shower element, here with a central drain, trip hazards are completely avoided.

[2] Finished surfaces, e.g. for Fundo Primo

Fundo Top is a ready-to-fit jointless surface for Fundo floor elements – it’s easy to cut, non-slip and antibacterial.

[3] Seating, e.g. with wedi Sanoasa bench-1

Spacious seating ensures superior safety and maximum comfort under the shower.

Other bathroom furnishings

Inspiration: Comfort bathroom

Small room with great effect. In small bathrooms, a compromise often needs to be made: bathtub or shower? With the wedi comfort bathroom, both are possible. Thanks to the clever room concept, all of the components, such as an ample washbasin or a flush-to-floor shower and bathtub can be integrated despite the limited space.

wedi system highlights


[1] Flush-to-floor shower, e.g. with Fundo Plano Linea

With integrated linear drainage, not just an elegant solution but quick to install as well.

[2] Washbasin structure with wedi building boards

Individually tailored to the room width for plenty of space in the comfort bathroom.

[3] Bathtub panelling with wedi Bathboard

The optical wedi Bathboard bathtub panelling is individually tileable, thus fits perfectly into the room design.

Other bathroom furnishings

What is possible with wedi

Comfort bathroom in record time

A comfort bathroom like you see in a glossy magazine: this was the owners' request of a bathroom situated in the loft of an old building. Thanks to the modular system construction, the room space was optimally used with a flush-to-floor wedi Fundo shower, a large washbasin, seating and shelving – all with the use of wedi building boards. The coordinated construction components allow for a particularly safe and time-saving installation. Combined with appropriate accessories, the bathroom today has an entirely new look.

Old bathroom

Architectural design



More storage space with an elegant bathtub solution thanks to the wedi building board structures and wedi Bathboard  
Flush-to-floor shower with large shelf thanks to Fundo Riolito neo and the wedi niches  
Toilet solution with the practical wedi I-Board  

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