Building board XL and XXL
Free-standing partition walls


Products used

  • [1] wedi building boards XL & XXL ■ as free-standing partition wall, building board thickness 50 mm
  • [2] wedi building boards ■ for designing wall and niche solutions
  • [3] wedi Tools reinforcement tape ■ for reinforcing joints
  • [4] wedi 610 ■ adhesive and sealant for the watertight adhesion of joints



Free-standing and stable, without additional supports

The large-size weds building boards are particularly notable due to their extraordinary widths of up to 1.20 m. As a result, they are not only ideal for use as free-standing walls, they also reduce the number of joint transitions and simplify installation enormously.

  • Simply position...

  • ... bond, seal and reinforce...

  • ... and then tile, done!

Free-standing partition walls