1b. wedi joint reinforcement tape 50m x 600mm, self-adh

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The wedi reinforcement tapes are made of an alkali-resistant glass fibre reinforced fabric and used for reinforcing connection joints and butt joints of wedi building boards. They are available in 2 formats (standard or self-adhesive) of which there are 2 sizes to choose from:

1. Tape: 25m x 125mm – for joint reinforcement of wall connections and those floor connections where the overall area is not larger than 20m2.

2. Matting: 50m x 600mm – for joint reinforcement of larger than 20m2 floor areas and reinforcement of flexible wedi building boards (Construct boards) to create any desired curvature shapes.

For adhesion of the standard version of this tape a flexible cement based tile adhesive is required.

Safety in the system.

From special adhesives and medium-bed mortar trough mechanical fixings to special sealing materials - wedi accessories are perfectly coordinated with each other in order to guarantee a secure and straightforward installation and complete watertightness in the entire system.

Product Size  :  50mx600mm

Packaging :  1 piece

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Installation Guide  click here for pdf 

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